Electrical Products

High quality electrial products including hair dryers flat irons, curling iron and hair clippers.

Thermal Products

Long lasting and durable thermal styling products including thermal stoves, straighteining irons and curling irons.

Hair Brushes

Carrying a wide range luxury hair brushed including 100% boar brushes, ionic ceramic brushes and salon brushes.

Hair Combs & Piks

A wide selectioning of hair combs and piks including pearl shine combs, carbon combs, rubber combs and aluminum combs.

Dye Products

A complete line of hair coloring tools including hair coloring kits, dye brushes, tipping caps, salon foil, and timers.

Salon Products

Stock your salon with items including salon gloves, spray bottles, hair shears, shaving razors and fashionable salon apparel.

Hair Accessories

A wide variety of hair accessories including hair bands, ponytailers, hair clips, bobby pins, hair clamps, and wig clips.

Cosmetics & Mirrors

Look your best with these cosmetic tools including make-up applicators, make-up brushes, eyelashes, stand mirrors and cosmetic mirrors.

Manicure & Pedicure

The perfect manicure and pedicure tools including nail files, nail brushes, nail clippers, bath products, and manicure kits.





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