The Rules of Hair Dyeing

To Dry or NOT to Dry

Rules are made to be broken, or are they?  When it comes to dyeing your hair there are so many do's and don'ts, it's hard to keep it all straight.  Fortunately for us all, our friends at have put together some recommendations for you as well as explored and age old question of, "Can you dye wet hair."  I'm particularly interesting in knowing the answer to this questions as it's always such a process to dye my hair at home that I typically put it off for longer than I should.  I have to wash my hair to make sure its clean, then I dry it, only to mess it all up with hair dye and start the wash/dry process all over again.  It's exhausting to even think about.  This is why I'm dying to know if I can skip that drying step before dying my hair.  It would save me sooooo much time.  Go check out the article to learn more!  "Can you Dye Wet Hair?"


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