Annie Gives Back

Our Passion is helping children

Giving Back through the years.

Starting in 2012 to now.

3000+ Children helped

Providing meals and health supplies for young children and their families is our passion.

5+ Educations Sponsored

We have put 5+ young adults through schooling by funding all aspects of their education.

$100K+ donated

A portion of Annie proceeds is donated to support our many causes .

Rebuilding Facilites

We have helped fund rebuilding of schools and shelters used for education and outreach programs.

Committed to Giving Back

Since 2012, Annie International has worked with various organizations to provide necessities to those in need. Our founder has dedicated much of his career to philanthropic services. Whether it be donating hygienic essentials or food to those in developing nations or making sure our local neighbors and medical professionals had Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the pandemic, Annie is committed to giving back.

Kenya Keep

Our founder first started working with Kenya Keep in 2012. The organization helps provide clean water, personal care products, supports hospital’s in upgrading their facilities and also helps send children to school. Since many of these children live in remote areas where they cannot walk to school daily, most children have to move to boarding schools to receive an education. We have supported many students at several different schools in Kenya. These students range from grade 7 to grade 12. We provide them with meals, clothes, stationery for their studies and most recently have provided PPE to the children as well as staff to keep them safe. We have also helped update their medical facilities, such as adding new incubators to their maternity ward. We are inspired by the children and staff that we support through Kenya Keep.

Cambodia Soup Kitchen

The rice soup program costs $2,000.00 monthly and reaches 10 villages, for a total of 970 children. This is equivalent to 1-2 sacks of rice each month per village, plus other necessary ingredients.

PPE Donations

At the start of the pandemic, we as well as so many others were desperately seeking for PPE, such as masks and hand sanitizer. Starting in April 2020, we opened the Annie PPE division and started developing various products to help not only our employees live safely through the uncertain times ahead, but also to provide to our neighbors and people all over the world! Before masks were required to enter businesses here in Pennsylvania, we were donating to those working on the front lines. We sent PPE and beauty product care packages to the nurses at Jefferson Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia and also donated masks and gloves locally to our police department, senior care living facilities and grocery stores. We will continue to send PPE to our friends in Cambodia and Kenya to protect them as well.

Cambodia Student Center

Annie began our partnership with St. Joseph Catholic Student Center and St. John’s Parish in Siem Reap, Cambodia starting in 2016. We provide daily meals and stationery products for the student’s at their school as well funding for events such as their Christmas party. Annie is also working to rebuild the student center by adding a new roof, bathroom, and electrical and water systems. It is truly our passion to watch these student’s grow over the years

Who We Are

Annie’s success expands around the globe as more and more retailers find our innovation and quality unmatched. Today, Annie’s brands are available in over 45 countries worldwide. Annie continues to study and understand the needs of its diverse consumers, allowing us to provide them new and trending products.

We believe in Giving back from our success!

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Be the Change

Believing in todays youth, Builds a better tomorrow

How will you impact the world around you?

Helping one child at a time through generous giving and caring.